Angie Callen, food junkie

I’m a food junkie; in particular a whole foods junkie.  Now, you may be thinking: “oh, she shops at Whole Foods”, but what I really mean is that I love all things real food.  Whether it’s a potato pulled from my garden, an apple from my tree that is jarred into sauce, or just plain old good, creamy, salty, REAL BUTTER, I love to cook with real things – foods that grandma would recognize.  I’m not perfect and of course take the liberty of a packaged ingredient or shortcut here and there – so don’t send me to the town square when I do – but it’s my goal to show that anyone and everyone has the ability to cook “from scratch”, and it doesn’t take all day – and it doesn’t have to be unhealthy!  So sit back and enjoy my line-up of tasty treats that any home cook – beginner or expert – can navigate.  Your  belly – and cholesterol – will thank you!

And for the record: I buy my whole foods at Whole Foods 😉

Disclaimer: I am not particularly qualified to teach anyone how to cook.  Ten years of watching the food network (and twice that long on those good old PBS predecessors) has taught me a thing or two.  This means that no, I am not a professional, which means I know exactly how it feels to bumble around the kitchen and further solidifies the fact that if I can do it, anyone can.

The stuff you may or may not care about….I’ve always loved food but didn’t appreciate gourmet food, fine dining, beautiful plating – and the pairing of a beverage – until I met my husband, Jim.  You’ll see his expertise here and there in my posts as he is a Sommelier by profession.  Don’t know what that is?  Yeah, neither did I until I met him, but it’s a fancy (French) word for wine-guy.  Now my wine guy’s particular love is beer, so when the appropriate pairing of libation and food crops up, we’ll be sure to let you know.  Now as for Jim and I, well we live just outside of Aspen, Colorado.  I’m a high altitude cook which I’m sure you’ll see me gripe about from time to time, although 7,000 (ish) feet has nothing on trying to cook brownies at 9,500 feet when I lived in Breckenridge.  If you ever have success with that one, well, I’ll give you a cookie.  Baked at a lower altitude.

Jim and I live on a small farm, and homesteading has become a big part of our lives since moving here thee-plus years ago, hence our obsession with whole foods.  The growing season is short, since we’re so high up in the Rockies, but we make the most out of it with a huge garden that gives us bounties like potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, turnips, beets, squash of every flavor, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and more.  We also raise rabbits, and we eat them.   The farm is rounded out by more goats than one family could ever need (we eat those too), chickens for meat and eggs, and turkeys.  We also have three kids: Jax, Raia, and Foster.  Jax is 13 and his favorite past time is mousing, sleeping, and meowing at his empty food bowl.  Raia is soon-to-be 3 (she was born on my 30th birthday, how cute), and Foster is 1-1/2.  Their favorite hobbies are mountain biking with Jim, tormenting the cat, and taking up most of the bed.  All three came to live with us as rescues and they are the best family we could ask for.  We don’t eat them.

So that’s a little bit about me, my farm, and I…I hope you enjoy reading about my food – and a little bit about  my adventures here in Colorado too, from time to time!


Me on my way to the top of Castle Peak, one of our nearby 14,000+ foot peaks


My view of JAX when I wake up in the morning

summer dogs

Husband Jim, Raia, Foster, and I during a leisurely summertime hike here in CO

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